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Whether industrial, commercial or residential, we can handle all of your hazardous waste situations officially, safely, efficiently and economically.

Asbestos Removal

We will discuss the options with you – whether you need asbestos removal, enclosure, encapsulation, or repair. We do it all with our certified inspectors, supervisors and workers. We then provide you with all appropriate documentation.


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Hazardous Waste Removal

We are prepared to handle any waste, no matter how new or unknown. All of our crews are trained to identify and dispose of any hazardous waste you may encounter with the proper documentation needed to meet all guidelines.


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Tank Installation and Decommission

Western States can provide you with economical and practical answers for leaking underground storage tank removal, that follows DEQ guidelines. Western States crews are trained at bioremediation, carbon filtering and vapor extraction.

  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

  • Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST)

  • Installation or Decommissioning

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Western States Environmental Services, LLC, is actively involved in demolition with or without environmental concerns. Should an environmental situation arise, our personnel are certified in all aspects of environmental cleanup and will respond safely and legally. Working with Western States eliminates unwanted delays.

Emergency Spill Response

Our response team is on call 24 hours a day. Bonded and insured, our HAZMAT crews are trained to contain, control, and minimize environmental impact. Identifying unknown chemical waste and efficiently handling characterization, manifesting and disposal of chemicals to fulfill all Resources Conversation and Recovery Act documentation requirements.


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Lead Abatement

Our lead abatement team uses the latest technology to maintain a safe working environment during the abatement process.


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Mold Remediation

Mold exposure can cause prolonged and irreversible health problems to building occupants. Removal is especially difficult and requires expert attention. At Western States Environmental, we have personnel certified in lab assisted identification and state of the art removal techniques.


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